What we do

QualiMetrix is a third party contract laboratory.

QualiMetrix is focused on supporting pharmaceutical products throughout their whole lifecycle; from the development of the product to the manufacturing and post marketing stages. Services range from routine to highly complex projects; with full support given to the regulatory requirements and research challenges; and operations consistently taking place in an environment of Good Laboratory (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The overall structure of the company consists of three laboratory units:

  • Quality Control
  • Research and Development
  • Microbiological and Biological

and five supporting departments:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Resources and Planning
  • Business
  • IT
  • Adminitstration


Our mission is to follow the advancement of science, technology and regulation and to be able to provide to pharmaceutical companies around the world integrated quality services in a timely manner.



The community of QualiMetrix to consist of and embrace the scientific brains and talents, which in the frame of a high level working environment should have the opportunity to prove their potentials and develop their capabilities, both for the benefit of the Organization as well as for the benefit of the end user: the pharmaceutical industry.



Expand our network at global level; expand our scientific field of operations; challenge and improve the qualitative characteristics of our Organization.

What’s in a name

The idea behind the name QualiMetrix is the combination of words Quality and Metrics (from the Greek μετρώ ”to measure”). It has been inspired by the basic concepts of Qualimetry that reflects the scope of the company for quantifying the quality through scientific methodology.

Qualimetry designates a scientific discipline studying the theory and methodology of quantitative assessment of the quality of any kind of object. Quality is the object of Qualimetry as a field of knowledge.

The logo of QualiMetrix depicts the entanglement of Q and M, which reflects our view that Quality and Metrics are the opposite sides of the same coin. Quality is meaningless without Metrics, while Metrics lack scientific sense without Quality.

Meet our team

Board of Directors

Michael A. Koupparis READ MORE

Michael A. Koupparis

President of the Board

Nikolaos C. Megkoulas READ MORE

Nikolaos C. Megkoulas

Chief Executive Officer

Constantinos I. Kousoulos READ MORE

Constantinos I. Kousoulos

Chief Science Officer

Fabio Melillo READ MORE

Fabio Melillo

Managing Director Italy

Management Team

Dimitra Stavropoulou READ MORE

Dimitra Stavropoulou

Quality Assurance Manager

Maria Mastrogiannopoulou READ MORE
Maria Varnava READ MORE

Maria Varnava

Quality Control Manager

Anna Bletsou READ MORE

Anna Bletsou

Analytical Development & Control Manager

Nikolaos Kritikos READ MORE

Nikolaos Kritikos

Analytical Development & Control Scientific Manager

Katerina Kakou READ MORE

Katerina Kakou

Resources and Planning Manager

Foteini Anagnostou READ MORE

Foteini Anagnostou

Microbiology Supervisor

Our History


Service Laboratory

“Quality Control – Chemical Analysis”

University of Athens, Department of Chemistry


EU/GMP Manufacturer’s Authorisation

University of Athens, Department of Chemistry


Establishment of Qualimetrix S.A.

as spin-off company

University of Athens, Department of Chemistry


Move to the new premises


QualiMetrix S.A.


Microbiological and Medical Devices

Laboratory Construction


GLP Certification

for Biological safety and in vitro studies


US-FDA Inspection


Establishment of QualiMetrix SRL in Italy


New Site

RnD Center

ESPA Banner